Details of airport notificationPassenger Screening with Body Scanners

body scanner photo

Body scanners have been introduced at international passenger screening checkpoints with the support of Japan's Civil Aviation Bureau to tighten security and streamline passenger procedures at checkpoints.


  • When undergoing passenger security screening, please follow the instructions of security personnel.
  • To protect your privacy, screening images are displayed in animated character form.
  • Health concerns have also been fully taken into consideration. Radio waves used in body scanning range from less that 1.00% to 0.01% of the strength of radio waves used in mobile telephones.

What to Do in a Body Scanner

①Place everything from your pockets into a tray.

Image of taking out of the pocket

②Follow the instructions of the security personnel and proceed to the location indicated in orange.

Image of the inspection location

③Raise your arms so that your elbows are bent and your forearms are at right angles to your upper arms, and turn slowly in a 360 degree circle. If the body scanner detects anything, you will be asked to undergo an additional inspection.

Image of the inspection posture