Details of airport notificationPlease make sure that electronic devices in your check-in baggage are turned off.

From 1 July, customers are required to follow these safety measures to prevent fires from portable electronic devices occurring and going unnoticed.We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

①Please switch off the device completely

Sleep mode is not acceptable. Please turn off the power for all electronic devices such as computers, game consoles, mobile phones, video cameras, tablets, and electric shavers.

Turning off the power of electronic

②Ensure the device stays inactive and unharmed.

Examples: Place it in a sturdy suitcase. Wrap it in clothing for protection.

Packing luggage in a suitcase

※ Please Note ※

Spare lithium batteries for mobile devices, etc. can no longer be placed in check-in baggage.

Please check here for more information regarding spare batteries.