Acquisition of an individual’s personal information by a method that the individual cannot easily recognize

We acquire personal information of customers by the method and for the purposes explained below.

1. Purposes of use

Personal information acquired via this site (hereinafter the “Site”) using the technologies described below does not include any personal information by which a customer can be identified.

Purposes of use

  1. 1.To increase convenience for customers
  2. 2.To detect and prevent unauthorized access and enhance security
  3. 3.To collect and analyze data on the use of the site by customers to improve the site
  4. 4.To make appropriate proposals to customers based on the collected information
  5. 5.To place most appropriate ads on other websites based on the status of use of our website

2. IP address and logs

An IP address is an identification number automatically assigned to each user’s computer when the user accesses a website. It does not contain any information concerning the user’s privacy, such as their mobile phone number, email address, and name.

The IP addresses and logs of individuals who accessed the Site may be used for the purpose of system management and investigation and analysis of the status of use of the site. These pieces of information recorded in our server will not be used to identify any individual or for any unintended purposes.

However, we may use such information in order to identify the user if we find it necessary in order to maintain the normal operation of the Site, such as when an act of nuisance or illegal act is committed against the Site.

3. Cookie

Cookies are small text files saved on your computer (or other internet-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet) when accessing the Site. Using cookies allows us to obtain information such as the number of website visits and the pages visited from your computer.

You can delete or reject cookies by configuring your browser settings. However, deleting or rejecting cookies may limit access to some of the Site’s services, or prevent certain pages from being displayed correctly. The access analysis tools used and the details of cookies collected on the Site are outlined below.

Choices regarding cookies

To delete cookies, or to set your browser to delete or reject cookies, please refer to the help pages for each browser below. However, deleting or rejecting cookies may limit access to some of the Site’s services, or prevent certain pages from being displayed correctly.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mac Safari
  • iPhone Safari

4. Web beacon

The Site uses a web beacon for the purpose of acquiring statistical data regarding the status of use of the Site and improving our services. A web beacon is a mechanism in which an invisibly small image is embedded in a website or HTML email so that when it is viewed by a user, information on such viewing is recorded in the web server.

5. Local storage

For increasing convenience, the Site uses local storage technology to retain information on the status of some pages.

Local storage is technology that uses mechanisms such as browser web storage (HTML5) and caches of application data and allows information including browsing history to be stored or acquired on the user’s device (computer, smartphone). Settings of local storage can be changed and its functions can be disabled by setting your browser. However, this may cause all or part of the functions of the Site to be unavailable.

6. Acquisition of location information

The Site may acquire users’ current location information for the purpose of increasing convenience for users, such as by displaying more helpful search results of map search and providing optimal information. The function to acquire the current local information is effective only when you set the browser on your iOS device to enable the acquisition of location information and you allow access from the Site to your present location information.

Even after allowing access, you can change the settings for the location information function on your device or browser and disable it. Users’ location information is not linked with any of their personal information and it is used only for the purpose of using the map function.

7. Advertising tags

The Site may use ad services (display ads/remarketing/retargeting functions) from Google and other advertisement distributors to send notifications (ads) to past Site visitors when they visit specific pages. In such cases, cookies are used to obtain Site visit history information.

If you do not wish to receive these notifications (ads), please see "Choices regarding cookies" below and delete the cookies stored on your device or disable cookies.

Settings must be reconfigured when changing browser, deleting cookies, or switching to a new device.