Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Stations

Dedicated charging spaces are provided at Car Parks P-1 and P-2.


  • The dedicated charging space is not a parking lot. After charging, guests must leave the space quickly.
  • We do not accept advance reservations for chargers. Please understand.
  • You cannot use it when the parking lot is full or when it is under maintenance. If the parking lot is full, please use a charger installed parking lot that allows entry.
  • At our airport, we have installed CHAdeMO rapid chargers.
  • Parking fees will be charged separately.

Details of available time and fees

Please check from the homepage of Japan Charge Network Co., Ltd.

Charging-only space

P1, P2 Parking map


P-1 Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Location

If you use Terminal 3, check the charging station at Terminal 2.


Concerning charging stations, please make inquires with Japan Charge Network .

Japan Charge Network


+81 570-200-588

* This number cannot be accessed via IP telephones or some PHS handsets.