Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Locations

Enter Parking Lots 1 or 2 (see figure below) and use the dedicated charging space to charge your vehicle.



*Note that the charging space is not a dedicated parking lot. After charging, guests must leave the lot in a timely fashion. 

*Advance booking for a charging station is not available. Thank you for your understanding. 

*If the lot is full, please use a different charging lot that has space. 

*The airport offers CHAdeMO high-speed charging stations.

Available Time

Open 24 hours (excludes full occupancy and scheduled maintenance). For details on occupancy status, check the Search for a Charging Station section.


you can find a detailed schedule of fees on the Japan Charge Network web site. *Note that parking fees also apply. See here for details.


concerning chargers: Japan Charge Network Co., Ltd.


0570-200-588 *This number cannot be accessed via VoIP telephones and some PHS handsets.