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Are there any rules for taking photos inside Narita Airport?

When filming in Narita Airport, please observe public manners, etiquette and safety for the comfort and benefit of all airport customers. Please note that airport staff may ask you to stop filming if any of the following is observed. For commercial photography (excluding photography to be posted on social media), please take note of the above and submit your application through the following URL.


・Filming that inconveniences other airport customers ・Any act that infringes on rights, such as portrait rights and copyrights ・ Filming in security screening checkpoints and certain restricted areas, including passport control, Customs and Quarantine * Please note that Narita Airport accepts no responsibility for any problems caused by the publication of photos or videos taken by customers.

I’d like to work at Narita Airport.

For positions in the airport shops and restaurants, please refer to the job information posted by individual companies. We provide no additional job information, and ask that you contact companies directly about any open positions. Information regarding positions at Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) can be accessed via the NAA website.