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I had a connection at Narita Airport in transit to an airport in another country. I had to wait a long time at the security area for connecting passengers. Can't you hire more security screeners?

[Common] The number of security personnel assigned to the security checkpoint is determined according to the situation of arrivals. The security checkpoint may be temporarily congested depending on the situation of arrivals. We appreciate your understanding.

I had to undergo an additional security screening just prior to boarding the aircraft at the boarding gate. Why?

Some airlines conduct additional security screening just prior to boarding the aircraft. These screenings are conducted independently by the airlines based on their own discretion or on regulations of the destination countries.

Can I go through the screening while wearing a jacket or coat?

As is the policy of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we ask that you remove your jacket, coat or other outerwear and place it on a tray before you undergo the screening.

I would like to bring photographic film on my trip. Will it be affected by the security screening?

Narita International Airport uses the latest high-performance X-ray screening equipment to conduct security screening of checked baggage. Since this device may expose undeveloped film, we recommended that you place film in your carry-on baggage. If you want to carry your photographic film on plane, not only X-ray screening but also manual check by an screenr is possible. Customers who don't want to perform security screening by X-ray screening equipment, or customers who have ultrasensitive film, Please declare it to the staff.

I believe there is always a security check when you board a plane, but why is a security check necessary in the first place? Couldn't it be like other modes of transport, where it's not necessary?

Please refer to the following page to learn the background and reason for conducting security screening.

Would the data on a game console be lost, or would the console itself get damaged during an X-ray check?

[Common] Inspecting a game console with X-rays does not result in data loss or malfunction.

I'm bringing my digital camera on board. I heard it gets X-rayed during security checks. Will this have any impact on the camera?

[Common]Please rest assured, your digital camera will not be damaged even if it goes through X-ray scanning.

My friend is soon to travel abroad. They had surgery last year to fix a broken knee bone and now have a wire in it. If there's such irremovable metal, what kind of check will they undergo at security?he have to undergo during security check?

[Common] If you declare it to the security officers when going through security checks, instead of a metal detector check, we will perform a physical check (which does not use a handheld metal detector). Also, presenting a certificate such as a medical certificate can help the check go smoother, so if you have one, we recommend you bring it with you.

I would like to carry a sample of a reagent for inspection, but I don't want it to go through X-ray. What should I do?

[Common] All baggage of passengers departing from Narita Airport, whether carry-on baggage or checked baggage, basically needs to be inspected using an x-ray machine. For inspection methods other than using an x-ray machine, please consult with your airline.

I use a pacemaker. Is there anything I should be aware of when passing through a metal detector?

[Common] If you let the inspector know that you use a pacemaker, instead of a metal detector check, we will provide a physical check with a same-sex inspector.

Do pets in cages also undergo the same metal detector inspection as humans? How are pets with embedded microchips (for identification) handled in this case?

[Common] Pets being taken onboard will also go through the metal detector while in their cages. If a metal response is detected, we will inspect the cage visually and using a handheld metal detector. The same applies even for pets with embedded microchips.

I have a surgical implant. How should I proceed through metal detectors at security? I'd prefer to avoid metal detector checks if possible. Would I need to provide any documentation as proof?

[Common] If you declare it to the security officer during the inspection, you will be subjected to a physical check by an officer of the same sex, rather than passing through a metal detector. Also, if you can present a certificate such as a medical certificate, it will make the inspection smoother, so please provide it if you have one.

Can I carry liquid items purchased inside the airport (duty-free shops or souvenir shops) in my carry-on luggage? For example, if I buy alcohol at the airport, do I have to check it in?

[International flight] Due to the restrictions on carry-on liquids, it depends on where you purchase liquor. You cannot bring liquids purchased before security screening (before passport control) in carry-on baggage. Please put them in checked baggage. You can bring liquids purchased at duty-free shops after security screening (after passport control) in carry-on baggage. However, if you connect flights at an overseas airport, you may be required to dispose of such liquids in the security area. Please purchase liquids at the airport where you make the final connection. Please check the following for further information.

I'm currently 5-6 weeks pregnant and I'm concerned about going through security checks at Narita Airport. Are there any checks that might affect my body?

[Common] The body scanner and metal detector used for screening of passengers at Narita Airport do not have any effect on the human body. If you are pregnant and reluctant to undergo screening using these devices, please tell security personnel. Screening can be conducted by using equipment other than a body scanner and metal detector.

It's a hassle to take my computer out of my bag. Can I leave it inside my bag when passing through screening?

As is the policy of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we ask that you remove any personal computers or other large electronic devices from your carry-on baggage and place them in a separate tray when you undergo your security screening.

My favorite army knife and my maple syrup were confiscated by the screener who told me I could not bring them on board the aircraft. Is there any way I can have confiscated items returned to me?

Unfortunately, items that passengers have voluntarily surrendered at the screening area are promptly discarded, so they cannot be returned to passengers. We ask you for your understanding.

I use a wheelchair. I am wondering what kind of inspection I would receive at security points as I expect the wheelchair would react to the metal detectors.

[Common] For passengers using wheelchairs, since you cannot pass through the metal detectors at the security checkpoints, you will be subjected to a different form of check. Specifically, you will undergo a physical check (a check made by an inspector of the same gender without using a metal detector).