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Photo of the large LED vision in the departure lobby of the first terminal north wing

There are more than 100 digital signage displays throughout the passenger terminals including the large LED display panels in the departure and arrival lobbies providing timely airport news updates and colorful spatial presentation content adding color the passenger travels, tailored to each particular area.

Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, The area before departure passport control, Examples

Nihon no Kimochi (The Japan Feeling)

Expressions of appreciation to foreign visitors to Japan with the message, "Please come again", in the 25 languages of countries linked to Narita Airport.

Narita Kara Sekai he (From Narita to the World)

A time-lapse technique applied to photographs of various scenes from Narita Airport. Viewers experience the dynamism of the airport and aircraft.

Other spatial presentations in collaboration with companies are also displayed from time to time.

Terminal 1, Terminal 2, The area before inbound passport control

The long stretch of space in the arrival concourses has been utilized to welcome customers with visual images that incorporate the tourism attractions and experiences that are unique to Japan and to provide an attractive space that heightens the sense of anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead.

* Not on display

4 locations in Terminal 1

  • 4F Satellite 1
  • 4F Satellite 2
  • 4F Satellite 3
  • 2F South Wing

5 locations in Terminal 2

  • 2F Main Bldg. North
  • 2F Main Bldg. Central & North (2 places)
  • 2F Main Bldg. Central & South
  • 2F Main Bldg. South