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If you want to take a bus from the airport, please purchase a ticket at the counter in the airport.

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For low cost buses (LCB) that depart at 23:00 or later, please purchase a ticket from the staff at the bus stop.

Tickets are sold at different counters depending on the destination. Please check the following table.

(1) Bus counters


Shibuya Ikebukuro Bus stops not indicated at the LCB counter

Tickets for the following services can be purchased only at the LCB counter.

- Keisei Bus and Narita Kuko Kotsu, night services to Nagano

- Chiba Kotsu, night services to Kyoto and Osaka

- Narita Kuko Kotsu, night services to Sendai

2) LCB counter


Tokyo Station Kawaguchi Akabane Ginza Station Ikebukuro Shinonome Aeon Shibuya Michi-terrace Toyosu

Tickets available

Tickets cannot be purchased from vending machines at the LCB counter.





06:30~the last bus