Service and Facility DetailsAutonomous Driving

After departure inspection procedures at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, a mobility service using autonomous personal mobility "WHILL" is provided free of charge in the international departure areas.

Outline of Autonomous Driving

WHILL autonomously drives and supports your movement to the destination that you select yourself. After you get off, it autonomously returns to the boarding place, called WHILL Station.

WHILL autonomously drives smoothly within the terminal and brings you to your destination while you remain seated.

Service areas

WHILL operates in the areas after departure inspection procedures. (Left: WHILL Station and service areas at T1; Right: WHILL Station and service areas at T2)

Terminal 1

Areas after departure inspection procedures: all areas except for Satellite 1

Terminal 2

Areas after departure inspection procedures: connecting corridor and gates numbered in the 80s and the 90s

Service hours

Terminal 1


Terminal 2


WHILL Station

Terminal 1

At the departure concourse on the third floor of the South Wing

Terminal 2

In the connecting corridor on the second floor of the main building

How to use

Reservation is not required. Please come to WHILL Station directly.

* The number of available units is limited. We apologize in advance for times when you cannot use the service.

The following people cannot use the service.

  • People weighing 136 kg or more
  • People shorter than 140 cm


  • We assume no responsibility for the following cases.
  • You miss your flight because of the use of WHILL
  • Any damage caused by the use of WHILL for purposes other than its intended purpose
  • Any damage due to theft while using WHILL

The following acts are prohibited.

  1. 1.Eating or drinking while using WHILL
  2. 2.Use by two or more people (including use with a baby in a baby carrier)
  3. 3.Intentionally dirtying or damaging WHILL