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Chinese / Ethnic Cuisine
  • Photo of the menu of TANG DYNASTY TO-SHO-MEN
  • Photo of the menu of TANG DYNASTY TO-SHO-MEN
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Baby chair, Takeout available, Power outlet available, Multilingual menu, View of aircraft, Groups available, Reservation available

About the store

Changan, now Xian, was the capital of the Tang Dynasty in China. It was an ancient capital, and was also a busy trading town, where the Silk Road started from. TANG DYNASTY TO-SHO-MEN is a restaurant specializing in the cuisine of Xian, a somewhat exotic town introducing something new even though it is an ancient capital. There are many dishes mainly using vegetables, and the spiciness also varies widely. Therefore, it is popular among women customers which is rather unusual as a Chinese restaurant. Please enjoy the authentic Xian dishes made by cooks who all come from Xian.

Recommended items

Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings)

720 JPY

Stamina Eggplant Fry

1,230 JPY

Authentic Xian-Style Spicy Tofu and Ground Meat

1,100 JPY

Mala Hot Pot (set for two people)

4,400 JPY

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