Detailed Store InformationFa-So-La DRUGSTORE Terminal1 No.5 Satellite

Convenience Stores, etc.

Telephone number

+81 476-33-1917



Payment method

Cash (USD), Cash (JPY), Credit cards, E-money, QR code/Barcode payment


Zipper transparent bag store

About the store

To meet our customers' "I'm glad I found it!" needs, we offer a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, food, daily necessities, and travel goods that are necessary for your journey. Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything for your enjoyable trip? We also have a variety of goods to make your time on board comfortable, so please stop by before you depart!

Product Lineup

Pharmaceuticals, Quasi-drugs , Travel goods, Cosmetics, Health foods, Sweets, Drinks *TAX FREE SHOP*