Detailed Store InformationJAL PLAZA 74GATESHOP

Light Meals / Fast Food
Food Products / Confectionery
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Business hours

07:30-21:30※May change depending on the flight schedule.


Telephone number

Payment method

Cash (USD), Cash (JPY), Credit cards, E-money, QR code/Barcode payment

About the store

JAL PLAZA sells hot coffee and souvenirs as well as, bottled beverage, sandwiches, onigiri [rice balls] and other light meals. It also has an extensive line up of gift confectionery, folk craft, and travel goods.

Recommended items


* The information indicated above is information as of the time of update and may be different from the actual prices. Please ask about the current status when you visit the store.

Product lines

Snackes, bottled beverage, beer, light meals, folk craft and items from ROYCE', Shiroi Koibito, LeTAO