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Introducing Japanese Culture – Calligraphy, Japanese Paper Doll, Kite and Mizuhiki Making and Daruma Decorating Experience

Introducing Japanese Culture

The Introducing Japanese Culture event is designed to give passengers a chance to become familiar with Japan and gain an understanding of its culture through hands-on courses. This time, we are holding calligraphy, Japanese paper doll, kite and Mizuhiki (ceremonial paper strings tied around gift wrapping) making events as well as Daruma doll decorating experience events.

Dates & times
① December 12 (Mon), 2011,
② December 13 (Tue) to 16 (Fri), 2011,
③ December 19 (Mon) and 20 (Tue), 2001,
Event Details ① Calligraphy, Japanese paper doll and kite making
② Mizuhiki making
③ Daruma decorating experience
Location 3rd floor, Terminal 2, Narita 5th Avenue (after passport control)
Organized by Narita International Airport Promotion Foundation
Supported by All Japan Gift Goods Association
Narita UNESCO Association
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