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Spring Japan will Launch a new service to Ningbo (China) on 25 April!

Spring Japan will launch a new service to Ningbo on 25 April!
Located in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, in the south of Shanghai across the Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo has long been prosperous in foreign trade and is a port city with a deep relationship with Japan. Ningbo was the disembarkation point for Japanese envoys and was the center for licensed trade between Japan and Ming dynasty China in the Muromachi period in Japan (14th–16th century). With an abundance of tourism resources, visitors can visit local shop for souvenir or eat around Nantang Old Street with its 100-year old renovated houses or visit the many historical locations such as Tiantong Temple where the founder of the Rinzai School of Zen Buddhism, Eisei and the founder of the Soto School of Buddhism, Dogen, studied, and the Tianyi Pavilion, one of the oldest private libraries in China.
Narita Airport offers direct access for your next trip to Ningbo.


Thursday, 25 April 2019


Ningbo (new service)

No. of Flights

4 flights a week (Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun)


Terminal 3

Rail Station

Airport Terminal 2 Station

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