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Air Macau Operates Double Flights to Macau from 1st. July!

Air Macau increases its daily flight from Narita to Macau to double flights started from 1st. July.
Macau is a fusion of western and eastern cultures. Its beautiful streets, where overflows ideal locations for Instagram shots, are reminiscent of Portugal. You will definitely need to take out your camera with you throughout day and night. The Historic Centre of Macau is listed in World Heritage, and the cuisine culture inherited from the Age of Discovery has also been identified by UNESCO.
Macau holds a number of events throughout the year. Art Macau, an event that colors the streets with art till October, is also worth seeing.
Air Macau is a perfect way to travel directly from Narita Airport to Macau.


Monday, 1st. July 2019



No. of Flights

2 flights a Day


Terminal 2

Rail Station

Airport Terminal 2 Station

* Please check the Air Macau’s Website for flight schedules and other details.

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Please make sure you go to the correct passenger terminal.