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VietJet Air will Launch a new service to Ho Chi Minh City on July 12!

VietJet Air will launch a new service from Narita to Ho Chi Minh City on July 12!
Ho Chi Minh City is a riveting city where you can feel the energetic atmosphere of Asia. While giving the appearance of a business hub with row after row of high-rise buildings, it also features stylish architecture from the French colonial days and local markets that provide the day-to-day needs of its citizens. With so many attractions such as strolling through the streets and markets, searching for stylish knick-knacks or enjoying authentic Vietnamese cuisine, the city will keep you coming back again and again.
VietJet Air‘s new Ho Chi Minh City service is one more reason for taking advantage of Narita Airport's extensive network.


Friday, 12 July 2019


Ho Chi Minh City (new service)

No. of Flights

Daily service


Terminal 2

Rail Station

Airport Terminal 2 Station

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