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SPRING JAPAN to launch Shanghai Pudong service on 12 December!

With a flight schedule that takes full advantage of Narita Airport's operating hours, even passengers on a short holiday can enjoy a trip to Shanghai. Passengers can visit Shanghai after their work and fully enjoy the city right up until late in the evening.
Spectacular Waitan is a popular location in Shanghai because of its European architecture as is Yuyuan where visitors can become fully immersed in ancient Chinese surroundings. Yuyuan has souvenir shops, Chinese teahouses and curiosity shops. etc., so there is bound to be something to catch the eye of any visitor.
With SPRING JAPAN’s new Shanghai Pudong service Narita Airport's extensive network is even more convenient.


Thursday, 12 December 2019


Shanghai Pudong(new service)

No. of Flights

Daily service


Terminal 3

Rail Station

Airport Terminal 2 Station

* Please check the SPRING JAPAN Website for flight schedules and other details.

The details above are subject to approval from the relevant authorities.
Please make sure you go to the correct passenger terminal.