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NARITA International Airport Xmas

Japan's gateway to the world, Narita Airport, erects Christmas decorations in its terminal buildings each year to welcome airport users with a festive atmosphere. The decorations this year will focus on the departure lobbies so that departing passengers can enjoy the Christmas spirit before boarding.

This is a once-a-year event and we invite travelers to take advantage of their waiting time to snap photographs to serve as memories of their journey.

This year, there will be main trees in 2 locations and decorations in three. A total of around 20,000 LED lights will be used to light up the terminal interiors and provide a festive atmosphere.

The Christmas spirit will also receive a boost in Terminal with a model of the aircraft used by Henry Farman draped in red and green tartan checks to celebrate the centenary of the first flight in Japan.

Dates & Locations

21 (Mon) Nov to 25 (Sun) Dec 2011

Terminal 1
1st floor curbside garden (2 locations)

22 (Tues) Nov to 25 (Sun) Dec 2011

Terminal 1
North Wing, 4th floor departure lobby
South Wing, 4th floor departure lobby
Terminal 2
3th floor departure lobby
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