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AERO K AIRLINES Launches a New Service to Cheongju on August 3!

AERO K AIRLINES launches a new service to Cheongju on August 3!

Cheongju is located almost in the center of South Korea and in ancient times it flourished as Baekje, the place of origin of the famous delicacy, Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly). Visitors can experience the history of the area at Cheongju National Museum and learn about the national printing culture at the Cheongju Early Printing Museum. Alternatively, you can visit fashionable cafés and film locations along Suamgol café street. Visit Cheongju with AERO K AIRLINES, the first direct service from Narita.


Thursday,3 August 2023


Cheongju(new service )

No. of Flights

Daily Service


Terminal 3

Rail Station

Airport Terminal 2 Station(Narita Terminal 2 and 3)

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