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"Traveling youth! Campaign "~ From overseas travel and domestic travel from Narita ~

500 lucky people can win 10,000 yen by meeting the conditions set out below, completing the entry form and attaching the necessary documentation.

Entry Conditions (Must meet the two conditions below)

Condition 1

A resident of Japan, between the ages of 18-22 as of 1 April 2016

Condition 2

Between 15 July – 31 December 2016 Apply for or renew your Japanese passport
(Please include a copy of your passport’s photo page with your entry)
2Depart or arrive at Narita on a domestic flight (*1)
(Please include a copy of your boarding pass with your entry)
3Take a trip abroad by purchasing an international travel product (airline ticket, tour, etc. ) from a JATA-member travel agency, departing from Narita (*2)
(Please include in your entry a copy of the international boarding pass departing from Narita, and an itinerary with the name of the travel agency where the product was purchased)

*1 Either departure or arrival is accepted. May also be an international connecting flight *2 Applies to international travel products departing from a local airport and connecting at Narita *The order of 1 - 3 may vary

For inquiries regarding Passport Assistance Campaign entries

■Passport Assistance Campaign Office (within AAP co. ltd. )
TEL: 03-6891-1146 (week days 10:00-17:00) Email: getpassport@aap. co. jp
(Office operating period: 15 July 2016 ~ 20 January 2017)

Share Your Travel Memories

Submit your magical travel memories (journeys departing from Narita Airport) in 20-100 characters, along with a photo, via the form on the Naritanist official website. A total of 20 outstanding submissions selected by the campaign organizers will win prizes, including international airfares and travel vouchers!

For more details, please see the Naritanist official website below.

Submission Information

Entry Conditions

Persons between the ages of 18 and 22 (as of 1 April 2016)

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced via the Naritanist official website in late January 2017.

For inquiries regarding the Naritanist Contributor Campaign

■ Naritanist Contributor Campaign Office (within Orange Inc. ) Email:campaign@naritanist. net (Office operating period: 15 July 2016 ~ 20 January 2017)