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【Finished】Joint Airport Promotion Campaign with Taoyuan International Airport! Narita TraveLounge Special Fee Campaign

As part of our joint airport promotion initiative with Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport which we signed a partnership last September, passengers traveling on Narita Terminal 1 to Taoyuan International airport flights can enjoy the Narita TraveLounge’s all-inclusive services at a special fee.

Regularly, the fee is 1,200 yen per adult (600 yen per child) and this base rate offers only soft drinks or coffee. During the campaign period, passengers in Terminal 1 traveling to Taoyuan International airport can help themselves to all food and drink menus, including alcohol, at a special campaign fee. In addition to this, the lounge will be accessible for a two-for-one fee.

Please take advantage of this offer and relax at Narita TraveLounge before your departure flight to Taoyuan International airport!

Campaign Details

Details of the Special Offer


All food and drink menus, including alcohol, at a special fee

Special Fees

Adult: 4,000 yen (tax included) 、 Child: 3,000 yen (tax included)

Services Provided

Food (curry, noodles, sandwich, dessert, snacks, etc.)
Drinks (beer, wine, coffee, soft drinks, etc.)
Newspapers, magazines, free Wi-Fi, power points at each table


Buy one access to the lounge and second person is free


・Two adults → One adult fee discounted
・Two adults, one child → One adult fee discounted
・One adult, one child → One child fee discounted


1 to 30 September 2017

Eligible Customers

Passengers traveling to Taoyuan International Airport from Narita Terminal 1

Directions for Use

Present your boarding pass at the Narita TraveLounge reception counter and pay the charges indicated above.

Lounge Information


6:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.


Near Gate 26, 3rd Floor, Terminal 1 (after passport control)

Passengers traveling to Narita from Taoyuan International Airport will be eligible for Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Lounge use package in appointed airport lounges after they visit the website and fill in personal information.

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