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The current location is not displayed on the map. How can I use it?

The display of the current location is only functional when location information in the browser is enabled on iOS devices, and when the user themselves have allowed access to the current location information from this site. It cannot be used from Android devices or computer terminals.

When I try to turn on the current location in the map, it says,"You need to make a setting to allow location information from the device settings." and I cannot make the setting.

I will explain how to set up location information on your device. From the iOS "Settings app" select your browser app and open the settings screen of the browser app. Once you open the settings screen of the browser app, scroll down and select the "Location Information" button, and set "Access to location information on all websites" to "Allow". The setting is now complete.

I have set the current location on the map, but I want to prevent the location information from being obtained.

Even after granting permission, you can disable it at any time by setting the location information of your browser app to "Deny" from the iOS device "Settings app".

What is the basis for calculating the route time for route search?

The route time in the route search is just for reference. It is calculated on the basis of walking speed = 5km/h (≒1.38m/s).

The orientation of the device is not displayed as Google Maps.

The map on this site is designed to not display the orientation of the device.

When I try to display my current location on the map, I get an error saying "Cannot obtain accurate location information," and my location is not displayed.

Depending on the location, it may be difficult to obtain accurate location information due to reasons such as the structure of the building. Especially inside parking buildings and outside terminal buildings, you may not be able to get accurate location information. If it is displayed repeatedly, please try again after moving inside the terminal building.

Automatic Resumption

If you continue to have the browser map open even after "Cannot obtain accurate location information" is displayed, the current location will automatically resume displaying once the accurate location information can be obtained again. However, please note that once the error screen is displayed, it will not close automatically. So after the situation where location information can be obtained is restored, please press the close button and check the screen.

Is the location data obtained from the current location on the map saved on the site?

The obtained location data is saved in a form that does not link with the user's personal information at all. Please check the acquisition of personal information in an unrecognizable way for the individual regarding data usage on this site.