Service and Facility DetailsCycle Station (Bicycle Assembly Point)

Narita Airport now has a cycle station on the 1st floor of Terminal 2 for the convenience of cyclists to assemble or disassemble their sports cycles.

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* Not for long-term parking by work or school commuters.

External view of cycle station

Information for Cyclists

Loan Tools

Tools specifically for assembling bicycles are available on the 1st floor of Terminal 2.

To borrow those tools, please ask at the Tourist Information Counter .

Tire pump with gauge (Permanently available at the cycle station)

Tool set (Available for loan)

Coin Lockers

Coin lockers are located throughout Narita International for the purpose of cycling without baggage.

Usage Charge

Usage charges vary depending on location. Please refer to the Coin Locker Information page for details.


Use of showers only is available at Nine Hours Narita Airport, a capsule hotel with 24-hour reception and check-in.

Usage Charge

Showers: 1,000 JPY per hour

Basic Information

  • Loan tools are available from the Tourist Information counters from 08:00-17:30
  • No fee is charged for use of the cycle station and tools

Cycle Path Near the Cycle Station

How to check for cycle path from the cycle station to outside the airport.

* Please refrain from watching this video while cycling.

Guide to cycle path from the cycle station to outside of the airport

1. Walk your bicycle to the right of the Cycle Station.

2. When you see the sign for cyclists, mount your bicycle and ride on the left of the vehicle lane and be careful of traffic.

3. At the pedestrian crossing, continue on to the next sign.

4. When the sign comes into view, dismount from your bicycle and proceed on the footpath.

5. Cross at the intersection and turn right.

6. Proceed on the left of the vehicle lane and be careful of traffic.

7. Turn right to go to Narita or left to go to Shibayama (Kujukuri).

Attention Cycle Station Users

  • Riding bicycles in the bus lane in front of you is prohibited. Please stay on the cycle path to the outside of the airport.
  • Please remain aware of pedestrians on the cycle path.
  • When moving from one terminal building to another, please put your bicycle in a wheel bag or similar container.
  • Be courteous and give way to others.
  • When leaving your bicycle, please take precautions against theft.
  • Narita Airport is not responsible for theft or damage.


Currently, there are no detected services or facilities in this passenger terminal area.