Service and Facility DetailsHelp Strap

Help straps are available at information counters to enable customers requiring assistance to travel effortlessly and stress-free.


  1. 1.Collect a help strap at one of the information counters at Narita Airport.
  2. 2.Write in English on the back of the card what you want staff to know and that you require assistance. Then insert the card in the strap holder and put the strap on.
  3. 3.When you need assistance or information, show the staff the information on the back of the card. After you have finished using the strap and card, you can take them home if you wish.

*Customers with disabilities or health issues may need to advise their airline and provide a medical certificate when boarding. Please contact your airline for more information.

How to use the help strap

* Cards can be downloaded and filled in before arriving at the airport.