Service and Facility DetailsOther Universal Design Facilities

Installations like water fountains, automatic vending machines, and public restrooms have been installed in positions that are easy to use by customers in wheelchairs and by children. Also, some pay phones have Braille instructions and volume adjustment functions.


Elevators with audio guidance, low control panels, and Braille labels have been installed for the convenience of customers in wheelchairs or with visual disabilities.

Check the Terminal Guide for locations of elevators.

Moving Walkways

Moving walkways have been installed in areas after passport control and before Immigration for the convenience of passengers traveling between facilities. (Not available in some parts of Terminal 3.) Audio instructions alert users at the ends of the walkways.

Ramps & Handrails

Our buildings are designed to minimize the need for steps but where they are needed, ramps and handrails also provided beside the steps to enable wheelchair passengers and others to move about freely. Braille tape has been fixed to the ends of handrails in some parts of the building to indicate their locations.

Priority Seats

A priority seating section is provided at each gate lounge area for preferential use by elderly, disabled or pregnant passengers who are waiting to board.

Terminal Shuttle Bus

Terminal Shuttle Buses have low floors so that they are accessible by wheelchair customers.

Bus Stop Information is Available in the Airport Access Information Page.

Airport Signage

Signs have been installed throughout the terminals to give directions to facilities and boarding gates. Please follow the signs to your destinations.

There are also searchable flight and facility information terminals located throughout the passenger terminals. Please feel free to use them.