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Parking spaces for disabled users are only available in Parking P-1 and P-5 in front of Terminal 1, and Parking P-2 in front of Terminal 2. Please ask any of the attendants for information on their location.

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Discount parking service

Receive half-price parking by presenting a Disability Certificate, etc.

  1. 1.Press the interphone button on the wheelchair-accessible payment terminal.
  2. 2.When the call connects, present the Disability Certificate to the camera following staff instructions. If calling on the interphone is not possible, payment can also be made at the toll booth at the exit.
  3. 3.Insert the parking ticket.
  4. 4.Proceed with payment once the half-price amount is displayed.

*There are no pre-payment machines in Car Park P-3. Passengers using P-3 should contact the P1 administration office (0120-03-2253) before they exit the car park.Staff will arrive in about 10 minutes.

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