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The instant you take a bite, your senses are sharpened and you are drawn into a different world. Our hope is that we can capture the imagination of our customers through a cup of coffee and enable them to enjoy a world of imagery that transcends flavor and taste. There is a generous commitment of effort and time in each step in the process of a never-ending pursuit of taste and image. Enjoy a luxurious moment in time in a comforting Japanese-inspired environment: a blissful café experience that will resonate with your heart and senses.

Recommended items

Drip Coffee"kami-iri"

600 JPY

Cafe latte

700 JPY

Vegetables and cheese

350 JPY

Strawberry and Uji green tea dacquoise

600 JPY

* The information indicated above is information as of the time of update and may be different from the actual prices. Please ask about the current status when you visit the store.

* Please ask the store about allergy information.

Vegetarian menu


Vegetables and cheese

350 JPY

Ingredients of this dish

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