Detailed airport guideGuidance on Security Screening

Here is the information you should know before you check your baggage at the check-in counter, e.g., screening method, measures taken if there is a problem with baggage, and prohibited items.

1.Final check of your baggage

Check your check-in baggage and carry-on baggage yourself before checking your baggage at the check-in counter.

Points of note

  • You cannot open your checked baggage while you are on board the aircraft.
  • If there is a problem with any items in your checked baggage, we may check your baggage again in your presence.
  • You are not allowed to bring in dangerous goods.

For details, please ask the staff of your airline.

2.Screening of checked baggage

Narita Airport has an inline screening system which conducts automatic screening of baggage checked at the check-in counter before it is loaded onto the aircraft.

3.Handling of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods, such as lighters and mobile batteries, are not allowed in checked baggage.

4.Measures taken if there is a problem with baggage

If there is a problem with any items in your baggage, we may check your baggage again in your presence in front of the boarding gate. Some airlines adopt the procedure wherein security personnel open the baggage without the owner’s presence, take out dangerous goods, and load the baggage onto the airplane. For details on prohibited items, please check the following.



As a souvenir for my trip to Japan I purchased a sword (or a replica of a sword), a wooden sword, nunchucks, ninja throwing stars, or other similar weapon replicas. Can I bring these on board the aircraft?

[Common] Any kind of item that could be used as a weapon, such as swords (including imitation swords), cannot be brought into the cabin. Please put them in checked baggage.* This also applies to air guns, knives, box cutters, imitation swords, wooden swords, nunchaku, shuriken (throwing knives), sword-like umbrellas, and any other items that look like weapons.

Can I put canned beer in my checked luggage? I understand that I can't bring it on board, but is there also a restriction on checked luggage?

[International flight] As canned beer is subject to the restrictions on carry-on liquids, you cannot bring it in carry-on baggage but you can put it in your suitcase to be checked at the check-in counter. For further information, please check Restrictions on Carry-on Liquids on International Flights.

Can I put electrical cords and dry batteries in my suitcase to check in as luggage?

[Common] Different restrictions apply to batteries depending on their type. There is no restriction on lithium-ion batteries embedded in products such as computers, digital cameras, and mobile phones. However, backup lithium-ion batteries should be brought in carry-on baggage (up to two pieces). Other batteries, such as alkaline batteries, are permitted in carry-on baggage and checked baggage. For details, check the following and confirm with your airline.

Can I bring a razor for shaving onboard? Even if I can't bring it into the cabin, will it be okay if it's in my suitcase?

[Common] Razors and other sharp objects are prohibited in carry-on baggage. Please put them in your suitcase to be checked at the check-in counter. Please check the following for further information.

Is it possible to bring undeveloped film on board or check it with luggage?

[Common] As high-performance inspection equipment is used, undeveloped films may be exposed during security screening. Please bring them in carry-on baggage, instead of putting them in checked baggage.