Detailed airport guideSecurity Screening Operating Hours

We have security systems in place to ensure safe flights for all passengers. Occasionally, there may be long lines at security screening areas, depending on your flight time.

Security Screening Operating Hours

We greatly appreciate your understanding that at times you may have to wait a while.

Particularly Severe Congestion Times at Passenger Screening Checkpoints.

  • From early morning to noon
  • Evening

* These times may vary depending on the day of the week and flight operations.

* If departing on a morning flight, please note the security screening commencement times. Security screening may not be open for some flights.

Narita Airport has different terminals for different airlines.

Security Screenings for Transferring Passengers

The degree of crowding at security screening areas for transferring passengers varies significantly depending on a number of factors such as arrival flight schedules and the location of the gate for your next flight.

At times we may have to keep you waiting. We truly appreciate your understanding of the situation if it arises.

Operation status

T1 International north wing

T1 South Wing (International)

T1 (Domestic)

T2 Central (International)


T2 North (International)


T2 South (International)

07:00 -

T2 (Domestic)

07:00-10:30 13:00-18:30

T3 (Domestic)

every day 05:00‐

T3 (International)

Opening hours may change before or after depending on the flight. For the detail, please refer to the document on the top of this page.