Detailed airport guideSecurity screening procedures

For the peace of mind of all passengers, we request you to undergo security screening of yourself and your carry-on baggage. Here is an explanation on security screening procedures.

1.Boarding procedure

After having your boarding pass checked at the entrance of the security checkpoint, undergo a body check and inspection of your carry-on baggage, then go to passport control.

1. Check of boarding pass

Your boarding pass will be checked at the entrance of the security checkpoint. Scan the bar code on your boarding pass with the bar code reader installed at the entrance of the security checkpoint, or present your boarding pass to the staff.

2. Inspection of carry-on baggage

Your carry-on baggage will be inspected using an X-ray machine. Take off your jacket, take your laptop and liquid items out of your bag, and put all these things into the tray. After the inspection, bring the tray to the return counter. Bringing hazardous substances and firearms is prohibited for security reasons.

3. Body check

After the inspection of your carry-on baggage begins, undergo a body check using a body scanner or metal detector. Take off your shoes if you are asked to by the staff.

2.Communication support board

At each security checkpoint, a communication support board is available for people who are not comfortable with verbal communication. Please call the staff nearby if you need support.



The size of the clear plastic bag with a zipper for liquids is 24cm x 17cm. Is this size okay? Also, is it okay if there are pictures and words written on the zippered plastic bag?

[International flight] In the rules for carrying liquids, it is specified as a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a zipper and capacity of 1 liter, less than 20 cm on all sides. However, a bag of 24 cm x 17 cm size also has a sum of about 40 cm in both directions, so it is allowed if it's a transparent vinyl bag with a zipper. Bags with pictures or text are also allowed as long as the bag is transparent and the contents can be visually checked. However, in order to ensure a smooth inspection, we ask you to use a bag with minimal pictures and text.