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I heard that a celebrity is visiting Japan, when will they arrive?

Note that we do not disclose the personal information of persons using the airport. Further, welcoming travelers arriving at the airport is limited to the arrivals lobby.

The flight information is different from the airline information.Why is that?

Flight information is provided by each airline, so there may be cases where accurate and prompt display is not possible in the event of disruptions in the flight schedule or equipment malfunctions. Additionally, the scheduled time and gate number may change depending on the day's situation, and there may be differences between the information presented by each airline.

Is the check-in counter location up-to-date information?

Please note that some airlines use different terminals for international and domestic flights. Also, the location of the check-in counters may change daily. For the latest information, please check the flight information display monitors in the building or visit the information counter inside the building.

Please tell me the transfer method.

Please check on the following page.


You can find the contact information of each airline from List of Airlines > Airlines Details

You can make inquiries with your airline regarding the following matters.

- Size restrictions of baggage, and lost, damaged or delayed baggage - Air fare, air ticket reservation and compensation - Meeting with friends upon transit (connection) and going outside the airport - Bringing your pet on board the plane

I will be leading a group tour. Is there a designated meeting place for group guests?

Please use the check-in counter exclusively for tour and group guests.

If using T1 North Wing

If using T1 South Wing

If using T2

Would you like to know about the status of today’s flights (delays, cancellations, etc.)?

Information about flights arriving at and departing from Narita Airport today may be accessed via our website or by phone.


Phone Inquiries

Narita International Airport information

+81 476-34-8000

*Please take care not to dial the wrong number.

How should I transfer at Haneda Airport?

Please check on the following page.