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About the store

Our raw material is shipped directly from Miyatake Sanuki Seimenjo, the long-established noodle factory in Sanuki, the home of Udon noodles, and milled into noodles every day in our shop. The strong-bodied Udon noodles produced with a unique technique using the best wheat selected carefully by the craftsmen of Sanuki, are complemented perfectly by a dashi stock made from sumptuous amounts of dried sardines from the Seto Inland Sea.

Recommended items

Kake Udon (udon noodles in hot broth)

390 JPY

Zaru Udon (cold udon served on a zaru)

370 JPY

Bukkake Udon (cold udon served with thick dashi broth)

500 JPY

Beef, Yam and Egg Udon

790 JPY

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* Please ask the store about allergy information.