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Japanese Cuisine
  • Zuke Tuna Chazuke Fisherman Style
  • Hitsumabushi-Style Eel Dashi Chazuke
  • Dashi Chazuke Half and Half
  • Red Sea Bream Chazuke

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About the store

Specializing in Dashichazuke with the rich taste of the highest quality dashi stock. Fast food with an authentic flavor. Try our glistening golden soup with seaweed, dried sardines, several types of dried bonito flakes and chicken, plus seasonal toppings. Enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Recommended items

Red Sea Bream Chazuke

1,000 JPY

Zuke Tuna Chazuke Fisherman Style

950 JPY

Hitsumabushi-Style Eel Dashi Chazuke

1,350 JPY

Dashi Chazuke Half and Half

1,200 JPY

* The information indicated above is information as of the time of update and may be different from the actual prices. Please ask about the current status when you visit the store.


Sliced Red Sea Bream with Sesame Sauce, Hitsumabushi-style Eel Dashi Chazuke, etc.

* Please ask the store about allergy information.