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  • Image of Kawatoyo in Narita Airport
  • Image of Kawatoyo in Narita Airport
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About the store

Narita City in Chiba Prefecture, which is home to Narita International Airport, has long been famous as a " unagi (eel) township" and its streets are lined with unagi restaurants. However, it is the traditional house of Kawatoyo that has the longest customer queues due to its insistence on freshly prepared unagi nurtured in well water and served steamed or grilled. Each skewer of unagi is grilled by the chef and dipped in a secret sauce that has been used since the restaurant was first established in 1910. It produces a plump texture and a delicious flavor that fills the mouth with delight.

Recommended items


4,500 JPY


6,300 JPY


4,650 JPY

Roasted Eel Wrapped in Omelette

1,300 JPY

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