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Cash (JPY), Credit cards, E-money, QR code/Barcode payment


Vegetarian, Child menu, Multilingual menu, Takeout available

About the store

- Sushiiwa's Values - Seasoning fish with salt and kelp, to pickling, boiling and roasting. Sushiiwa values "traditions" that have been passed down from the Taisho era and the "techniques" of sushi chefs to bring out the taste of fresh seafood to the very limit.

Recommended items

Assorted Premium Edomae-Style Nigiri Sushi (Nine Pieces)

4,500 JPY

Assorted Tuna Sushi Platter Matsu (eight pieces)

3,380 JPY

* The information indicated above is information as of the time of update and may be different from the actual prices. Please ask about the current status when you visit the store.

* Please ask the store about allergy information.

Vegetarian menu


Three Different Vegetable Rolls (Cucumber Roll, Kanpyo Roll, Pickles Roll, one roll each)

Ingredients of this dish

Does not includeMeatDoes not includeSeafoodDoes not includeEggsDoes not includeDairy productsDoes not includeHoney