Terminal 3 Departures Concourse

Main Building 2F


If departing, please go to the departure lobby on the 2nd floor.

Please allow yourself plenty of time to complete the check-in at the check-in counters or kiosks.
* Passengers on travel agency group tours should complete departure and boarding procedures as instructed at the travel agency counter.

2.Check-in Baggage(※)(※ Baggage to be checked-in with the airline)

Please check in all your baggage except your carry-on items and remember to obtain baggage claim receipts.

Main Building 2F

3.Security Check

For security reasons, security checks are carried out on all passengers boarding aircraft. Show your boarding pass to the security officer and place your carry-on baggage on the x-ray scanner conveyor belt.

Each passenger must pass individually through the metal detector gate for screening.

Main Bldg., 2F or Satellite, 2F


Proceed to the boarding gate.

If the boarding gate is in the satellite building, please use the access bridge between the main and satellite buildings on the 4th floor for access to the satellite building.

2F, Departure Lobby