Detailed airport guideDeparture procedure: International flights

Preparation and procedures necessary for departure on an international flight, security screening and handling of baggage required to enter the departure area, and other information on the process until departure are described below.

1.Prepare at home

Check your terminal and check-in counter

Some airlines use different terminals for international flights and domestic flights. You are recommended to access the flight search and check the terminal you need to go to on the departure date. The locations of check-in counters vary from day to day. Check the latest information on the flight information display monitor or at the information counter.

Prepare baggage

Check the rules concerning baggage to be checked at the check-in counter (checked baggage) and baggage you will carry onto an airplane (carry-on baggage).

Check other information

As for traveling overseas, please check the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.

Basic information on use of airport

2.Go to the airport

Arrive at the airport at least two hours before your departure time.

The time by which you should be at the airport depends on each airline's check-in start time. Check the time beforehand and make sure to arrive at the airport well in advance.

3.Check in

Proceed to the check-in counter

Passengers on international flights of ANA and JAL can use Face Express, a boarding procedure using facial recognition technology.

Proceed to the check-in counter of your airline.(Terminal1 4F,Terminal2 3F,Terminal3 2F)

You can search for the location of your check-in counter by flight search or on the map.Passengers of some other airlines can use automatic check-in kiosks and self-service bag drops.

What you need for procedure

  • Passport
  • Air ticket
  • Baggage

In the case of a code-share flight, the check-in counter may differ from the one used for an ordinary flight. Check beforehand on the flight information page.

  • Terminal1

  • Terminal2

  • Terminal3

Confirm with your airline about the check-in start time.

Check-in (print a boarding pass, check your baggage)

Receive your boarding pass and baggage claim ticket.

4.Final preparation before departure

Complete necessary procedures, including currency exchange, withdrawal of money, roaming, and insurance.

5.Security screening

Proceed to the security checkpoint. You can find the location and the congestion level on the map.

You and your carry-on baggage should undergo security screening. For more details, please check the article on security screening procedures.

What you need for procedure

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • Carry-on baggage

6.Customs procedures

Make a customs declaration

You are required to declare at the customs counter in the following cases.

  • If you take cash amounts, etc. equivalent to more than 1 million JPY out of the country, present your passport, etc. at the customs counter.
  • If you carry out overseas any foreign-made goods such as the watch or necklace you are currently wearing, present your passport, etc. at the customs counter.
  • If you have purchased duty-free goods, present your passport, etc. at the customs counter.

If you put these goods inside your checked baggage, have them confirmed at customs before checking them with your airline

What you need for procedure

  • Passport
  • Registration for Carrying out Foreign-made Goods
  • Export of Means of Payment, etc.
  • Import Declaration Form

* Exports to North Korea are limited to 100,000 JPY.

  • T1

  • T2

  • T3

7.Passport control

Undergo passport control

Present your passport and boarding pass at the immigration counter.

* If you use the facial recognition gate or automated gate, you will receive no stamp on your passport. Please consult with staff if you want a stamp

Passengers using wheelchairs may use the wide passageway near the offices.

  • T1

  • T2

  • T3

8.Board the airplane

Go to your boarding gate

Arrive at the boarding gate well in advance.

After arriving at the gate, wait until the boarding starts, following instructions from staff.

Have a nice trip!



What is the contact information for inquiries about bringing in and taking out pets, meat products, and other animal quarantine procedures?

Please contact the following.

Animal Quarantine Station, Narita Branch

Desk for import and export of dogs and cats

+81 476-32-6664

open 09:00-17:00

Terminal 1

+81 476-32-6510

Terminal 2

+81 476-34-2342

Terminal 3

+81 476-34-4260

Prohibited items to bring from and to travel destinations.

Please contact the embassy or consulate of the relevant country.

Visa Requirements and Application Process

Please contact the embassy or consulate of the relevant country.