Detailed airport guideDeparture procedure: Domestic flights

Preparation and procedures necessary for departure on a domestic flight, security screening and handling of baggage required to enter the departure area, and other information on the process until departure are described below.

1.Prepare at home

Check your terminal and check-in counter

You are recommended to check the terminal and check-in counter that you need to go to on the departure date. Please be advised that some airlines use different terminals for international flights and domestic flights.

Access the detailed flight information page to check your terminal and check-in counter.

The locations of check-in counters vary from day to day. Check the latest information on the flight information display monitor or at the information counter.

Preparation of baggage

Check the rules concerning baggage to be checked at the check-in counter (checked baggage) and baggage you will carry onto an airplane (carry-on baggage).

2.Go to the airport

The time by which you should be at the airport depends on each airline's check-in start time. We recommend you to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your departure time

Plan your route to the airport on the departure date beforehand and make sure to arrive at the airport well in advance.

3.Check in

Proceed to the check-in counter

The check-in counters for domestic flights are at the following locations.


  • T1: South Wing, 1F
  • T2: Main Building (south side), 1F
  • T3: Main Building, 2F

* Passengers on travel agency group tours should complete departure and boarding procedures as instructed at the travel agency counter.

You can find the detailed location of your check-in counter on the detailed flight information page.

You can also search for it on the map.

Please confirm with your airline about the check-in start time in advance.

Boarding procedure

Complete the boarding procedure and receive your boarding pass.

Check in all your baggage except your carry-on items and obtain baggage claim receipts.

What you need for procedure

  • Air ticket
  • Baggage

4.Security screening

Proceed to the security checkpoint. You can find the location and the congestion level on the map.

You and your carry-on baggage should undergo security checks. For more detail, please check the article on security screening procedures.

What you need for procedure

  • Boarding pass
  • Carry-on baggage

5.Board the airplane

Proceed to the boarding gate well in advance.

Wait until the boarding starts, following instructions from staff.

Have a nice trip!