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The Accessible Toilet can be used by anybody from wheelchair and ostomy patients to those requiring special assistance, as well as parents with little children.For customers traveling with a service dog, there is also a separate special restroom for service dogs.

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Accessible Toilet

The toilet has some facilities such as a slop sink, wash basin, care bed, diaper changing table, L-shaped rail and movable rail.

In the event of an emergency, press the button to speak to an attendant. The display monitor in the toilet will advise when the attendant has arrived, etc.

Facilities vary depending on the toilets. Please check the list below or call the Narita International Airport Information Center.


+81(0)476-34-8000 [Reception time:24 hours a day, seven days a week]

Ostomy Toilets

The accessible toilet and some public toilets are equipped with an ostomate sink and shower.

Toilet Layout Signs (Tactile Maps) & Audio Announcements

Tactile information plates are installed at the entrance to the toilets.

Customers are also advised of the locations of male, female and multipurpose toilets by audio announcements at the entrance.

Flashing emergency alert lights

Flashing emergency alert lights are installed in toilets, infant nursing rooms etc. for the convenience of customers with hearing disabilities.

Assistance dog toilet

Assistance dogs including service dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs, may accompany their owners into the passenger terminal areas.

Toilets for assistance dogs are provided in the area after international departure procedures for the convenience of passengers traveling with them. For access, please inquire at the nearest information counter. The staff will guide you to the facility and unlock it.

Assistance dog toilets are equipped with sinks for disposal of waste, disposal pet mats, leash hooks, toilet paper, washstands with paper towels, etc. Should your assistance dog need toilet facilities before departure facilities, please inquire at the nearest information counter.