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Japanese Cuisine

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Multilingual menu, Takeout available

About the store

Tempura Nihonbashi Tamai is committed to customer delight with its traditional Japanese tempura, carefully fried with only the finest ingredients and oils, and each dish deep fried with the utmost care and attention. Based on the concept of local production and consumption, Anago Specialty Restaurant-Tempura Nihonbashi Tamai strives to offer tempura, which is not quite like that found elsewhere, using ingredients from all over Japan such as seasonal fish, shellfish and vegetables mainly from Chiba Prefecture, and carefully selected conger eel from the Nihonbashi Tamai flagship restaurant.

Recommended items

Anago Tempura Mixed Set

3,190 JPY

Tempura Mixed・Sashimi Set

2,970 JPY

Spiny lobster Mixed Set

6,160 JPY

Anago Tempura Mixed Ten Jiu

3,190 JPY

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