Detailed Store InformationTeppanyaki Dotonbori Kurita

Japanese Cuisine

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Cash (USD), Cash (JPY), Credit cards, E-money, QR code/Barcode payment


View of aircraft, Multilingual menu, Takeout available

About the store

Teppanyaki Kurita is a unique business operated by Botejyu®, the driving force behind flour-based food in Osaka since its establishment in 1946. In addition to its Ganso Okonomiyaki and Ganso Modanyaki, enjoy the flavor of Secret Sauce Yakisoba with original aged noodles, Osaka Takoyaki (fried octopus) flavored with dashi, a typical Osaka gourmet soup stock, as well as a variety of Teppanyaki cuisine created by combining carefully selected ingredients and multiple original seasonings developed in-house and by craftsmen.

* Please ask the store about allergy information.