Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Thank you very much for using Narita Airport daily.
Regarding inquiries / opinions from customers, we will inform you as follows.

Lost & Found

If you lost an item at the airport, the point of contact varies depending on where you lost it.
Points of contact are as follows. All articles lost and found in the airport are ultimately delivered to the airport police department and stored there.

If you know where you lost the article

Before departure passport control / After Customs

Narita International Airport Lost & Found
Terminal 1 : 0476-32-2105
Terminal 2 : 0476-34-5220
Terminal 3 : 0476-34-4195
(24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
Narita Airport Police Department, Accounting Section : 0476-32-0110
Weekdays 8:30 - 17:15 (Saturdays/Sundays/holidays: closed)

Click here for e-mail inquiries

After departure passport control / Before Customs

Narita Customs Lost Property Office
Terminal 1 : 0476-33-2030
Terminal 2 or 3 : 0476-34-2157
Weekdays 8:30 -17:00 (Saturdays/Sundays/holidays: closed)

In the aircraft

Please contact your respective airline for details on whom to contact regarding lost articles.

If you do not know where you lost the article

If you do not know where you lost the article (and other concerns)

Narita International Airport Information: 0476-34-8000 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

Contacting Your Airline

Size restrictions and lost baggage, reservation and cancellation of airline tickets etc.


・Baggage size restrictions, loss, damage, and delay
・Airfare rates, bookings, and guarantees
・Meeting friends during their flight transfer,Visiting the nearby town
・Bringing pets on the aircraft
For the issues above, please contact the airline you will be using. For transfer, please refer to the section entitled, “Transfer Information.”

Inquiries to Railway Companies, Bus Companies, etc.

About trains, buses, taxies services and delays

Airport Access Inquiries

・Train and Bus Delays
・Transportation Services
For information about the above, please contact your transportation provider. For transfer information regarding transportation services to and from Narita Airport, check out our Access Navi.

Flight Related

Would you like to know about the status of today’s flights (delays, cancellations, etc.)?

Information about flights arriving at and departing from Narita Airport today may be accessed via our website or by phone.

Phone Inquiries

Narita International Airport information :
*Please take care not to dial the wrong number.

How to Use Narita International Airport Information Services

I heard that a celebrity is visiting Japan, when will they arrive?

Note that we do not disclose the personal information of persons using the airport.
Further, welcoming travelers arriving at the airport is limited to the arrivals lobby.

I’d like to look up all flights between Narita Airport and New York next mon th.

By entering a destination (departure point) and a date into the Narita Airport arrivals and departures schedule, you can review all flights in the week preceding and the week following that date.

How should I transfer at Haneda Airport?

ures, For inquiries regarding checked baggage or immigration/emigration procedplease contact your airline or the relevant immigration bureau. For information on how to access Haneda Airport, please refer to “Haneda Airport Access Navi.”


Immigration Office Website

Narita Airport District Immigration Office : 0476-34-2222

Narita Airport Access Navi (Transfer Information)

Immigration / Emigration Procedures

How much time should I allow between arrival at the airport and my flight time?

For most airlines, check-in time generally begins two hours prior to departure time and ends one hour prior to departure time. However, check-in time may vary by airline, so please contact your airline directly to confirm.

Would you like to know about taking duty-free goods, pets, or plants onto the plane, vaccinations required before travel, or visa application procedures?

Immigration / Emigration Procedures

Narita Airport District Immigration Office, Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau: 0476-34-2222

Immigration Bureau Website

Tax Exemptions, Restricted Goods, Prohibited Goods, and Customs Procedures

Narita Customs Station (Consultation Office)0476-34-2128, 0476-34-2129
Weekdays 8:30-12:15. 13:00-17:00 (Closed Sat., Sun. and holidays)

Narita Customs Website

Inquiries concerning the import or export of animals and meat product

Animal Quarantine Station, Narita Branch
Terminal 1 : 0476-32-6664
Terminal 2 : 0476-34-2342
Terminal 3 : 0476-34-4260

Animal Quarantine Station Website (*Responds to questions via e-mail.)

Bringing in ferrets, hamsters, parakeets, etc. to the country

Narita Airport Quarantine (Animal Importing Administration Office) 0476-32-6708(English and Japanese only)

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website (Notification System for the Importation of Animals)

Narita Airport Quarantine Station(Animal Importing Administration Office)

Bringing Plants, Vegetables, or Fruit with You, and Other Plant Quarantine-Related Matters

Yokohama Plant Protection Station, Narita Branch
Terminal 1 : 0476-32-6694
Terminals 2 and 3 : 0476-34-2352

Plant Quarantine Station Website

Immunization, Infectious Diseases, and Other Health-Related Matters

Narita Airport Quarantine Station : 0476-34-2310

Narita Airport Quarantine Station Website

Visa Requirements and Application Process

Please contact the embassy or consulate of the relevant country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website (Japan Visa Information)

Passport Applications

Please contact your local passport office.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website (Passports A to Z)

Prohibited Items

Please contact the embassy or consulate of the relevant country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website (List of Foreign Embassies in Japan)

Airport Facilities and Services

My flight leaves early in the morning. Would it be possible for me to spend the night at the airport?

We have 24-hour convenience stores in each terminal, a 24-hour visitor’s area which passengers may use free of charge in Terminal 2, and 24-hour check-in capsule hotels at the P-2 parking lot (connected to Terminal 2). For more information, refer to the following.

Are there any restaurants which serve halal or vegetarian food?

See below for a list of restaurants serving halal/vegetarian food.

How should I travel between terminals?

To travel between terminals, please use the free inter-terminal buses. Because delays and cancellations may occur due to traffic conditions, be sure to allow plenty of time to get from one terminal to another. It is also possible to travel between terminals 2 and 3 on foot. For more information, refer to the following.

There is a product I would like to buy at the airport, where can I find it?

We apologize, but ask that passengers direct inquiries about available merchandise to individual stores.

Can I have my baggage sent from my home to the airport in advance?

You can have your baggage sent to the airport in advance via home delivery before departure. You may also have your baggage sent from the airport to your home upon arrival. For more information, please make contact the home delivery counter.

I would like to rent a wheelchair (or baby stroller) at the airport. Can I make a reservation in advance?

We offer a free wheelchair and stroller rental service at the information counters in various locations throughout the terminals. After use, please return the wheelchair or stroller to your nearest information counter. Passengers arriving at Narita Airport may use the service after completing immigration procedures. For services provided by your airline, please contact the airline directly.

Is there a service to help me get around the airport and complete any necessary procedures?

The airport officials and airline staff will help you. Please don’t hesitate to let them know what you need. For more information, refer to our Special Assistance service.

I would like to enter the terminal with my pet, is this possible?

To take your pet with you on your trip, please refer to the following.

Animal Quarantine Station, Narita Branch
Terminal 1: 0476-32-6664
Terminal 2: 0476-34-2342
Terminal 3: 0476-34-4260

Animal Quarantine Station Website (*Responds to questions via e-mail.)

I would like to arrange for a group tour of the airport. What kind of procedures are required?

No application is required for group visits to Narita Airport. Visitors are welcome. However, we do not support guided tours. Thank you for your understanding.

Do any fees apply when using the airport facilities?

Narita Airport collects a passenger service facilities charge and a passenger service security charge from all passengers. The income from these charges is used for the maintenance of shared spaces inside the terminals, information services, and security, and allows us to ensure that passengers have an enjoyable and safe visit to Narita Airport. We appreciate your understanding.

How is the passenger service facilities charge paid? Can I get a refund?

The passenger service facilities charge and passenger service security charge are paid with your air fare when you purchase your tickets. For refunds, please contact the airline you were planning to use.

Airport Access

How long does it take to get from Narita Airport to central Tokyo?

Various means of transportation are available for getting from Narita Airport to Tokyo, including trains, buses, taxis, and rental cars. For an overview of the amount of time required by each transportation method, refer to the following.


I’d like to work at Narita Airport.

For positions in the airport shops and restaurants, please refer to the job information posted by individual companies.
We provide no additional job information, and ask that you contact companies directly about any open positions.
Information regarding positions at Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) can be accessed via the NAA website.

I would like to post a link to your website. What kind of procedures are required?

As a rule, we do not place restrictions on the posting of links to our website (this includes the home page and all other other content). Therefore, there is no need to contact before or after posting the link. Aside from that to the home page (, the links to all other content are subject to change without warning. We accept no responsibility for any broken links which may result. Additionally, we accept no responsibility for any websites that link to our website. We appreciate your understanding. For more information, please refer to our website policy.

I would like to advertise on your website.

Business that would like to market to business people and tourists who use our airport may do so by posting advertisements in the banner at the bottom of our website. For pricing information, please refer to the NAA website.