Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Thank you very much for using Narita Airport daily.
Regarding inquiries / opinions from customers, we will inform you as follows.

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For E-mail Inquiries

As an email response may take several days, please inquire by phone if your inquiry is urgent.

*We are unable to respond to matters related to airline services (limits on luggage size; lost, damaged or delayed luggage; airline ticket prices, reservations and warranties; carriage of pets, etc.). Please direct those inquiries to your airline.

Telephone Inquiries

Narita International Airport infomation

(24hours a day everyday)

Please check the number before dialing
This is an automatic recorded information service. Press the number that corresponds to the information you require.
* Recorded flight information is provided between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.
Flight information outside those hours and other inquiries will be handled by operators.

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