Frequently Asked Questions :Airport Facilities and Services

My flight leaves early in the morning. Would it be possible for me to spend the night at the airport?

We have 24-hour convenience stores in each terminal and 24-hour check-in capsule hotels at the P-2 parking lot (connected to Terminal 2). For more information, refer to the following.

For Passengers Traveling on Early Morning Flights

Are there any restaurants which serve halal or vegetarian food?

See below for a list of restaurants serving halal/vegetarian food.

Halal restaurants

Vegetarian restaurants

How should I travel between terminals?

To travel between terminals, please use the free inter-terminal buses. Because delays and cancellations may occur due to traffic conditions, be sure to allow plenty of time to get from one terminal to another. It is also possible to travel between terminals 2 and 3 on foot. For more information, refer to the following.

Traveling Between Terminals

There is a product I would like to buy at the airport, where can I find it?

We apologize, but ask that passengers direct inquiries about available merchandise to individual stores.

Restaurant and Shop Search

Can I have my baggage sent from my home to the airport in advance?

You can have your baggage sent to the airport in advance via home delivery before departure. You may also have your baggage sent from the airport to your home upon arrival. For more information, please make contact the home delivery counter.

Home Delivery Counter

I would like to rent a wheelchair (or baby stroller) at the airport. Can I make a reservation in advance?

We offer a free wheelchair and stroller rental service at the information counters in various locations throughout the terminals. After use, please return the wheelchair or stroller to your nearest information counter. Passengers arriving at Narita Airport may use the service after completing immigration procedures. For services provided by your airline, please contact the airline directly.

Information Counters

Is there a service to help me get around the airport and complete any necessary procedures?

The airport officials and airline staff will help you. Please don’t hesitate to let them know what you need. For more information, refer to our Special Assistance service.

Special Assistance

I would like to enter the terminal with my pet, is this possible?

At Narita Airport, we do not allow animals in the passenger terminal area for airport management. However, it does not include pets that assistance dogs or in special cages. We are very sorry for customers wishing to see off or meet with cute pets, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

I would like to take my pet on my trip with, is this possible?

I would like to take my pet on my trip with, is this possible?

Animal Quarantine Station, Narita Branch

Contact desk for travel of dog & cat: 0476-32-6664(Reception time 9:00-17:00)
Terminal 1: 0476-32-6510
Terminal 2: 0476-34-2342
Terminal 3: 0476-34-4260

Animal Quarantine Station Website

I would like to arrange for a group tour of the airport. What kind of procedures are required?

No application is required for group visits to Narita Airport. Visitors are welcome. However, we do not support guided tours. Thank you for your understanding.

For Guests Wishing to Tour Narita Airport

Do any fees apply when using the airport facilities?

Narita Airport collects a passenger service facilities charge and a passenger service security charge from all passengers. The income from these charges is used for the maintenance of shared spaces inside the terminals, information services, and security, and allows us to ensure that passengers have an enjoyable and safe visit to Narita Airport. We appreciate your understanding.

Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC) and Passenger Service Security Charge (PSSC)

How is the passenger service facilities charge paid? Can I get a refund?

The passenger service facilities charge and passenger service security charge are paid with your air fare when you purchase your tickets. For refunds, please contact the airline you were planning to use.