Frequently Asked Questions:Flight Related

Would you like to know about the status of today’s flights (delays, cancellations, etc.)?

Information about flights arriving at and departing from Narita Airport today may be accessed via our website or by phone.

Phone Inquiries

Narita International Airport information

*Please take care not to dial the wrong number.

How to Use Narita International Airport Information Services

I heard that a celebrity is visiting Japan, when will they arrive?

Note that we do not disclose the personal information of persons using the airport.
Further, welcoming travelers arriving at the airport is limited to the arrivals lobby.

How should I transfer at Haneda Airport?

For inquiries regarding checked baggage or Passport Control procedure, please contact your airline or the relevant Immigration Services Agency of Japan.
For information on how to access Haneda Airport, please refer to “Narita Airport Access Navi.”