Frequently Asked Questions:Passport Control Procedures

How much time should I allow between arrival at the airport and my flight time?

For most airlines, check-in time generally begins two hours prior to departure time and ends one hour prior to departure time. However, check-in time may vary by airline, so please contact your airline directly to confirm.

Would you like to know about taking duty-free goods, pets, or plants onto the plane, vaccinations required before travel, or visa application procedures?

Passport Control Procedures

Narita Airport District Immigration Office, Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Agency of Japan: 0476-34-2222

Tax Exemptions, Restricted Goods, Prohibited Goods, and Customs Procedures

Narita Customs Station (Consultation Office)0476-34-2128, 0476-34-2129 Weekdays 8:30-12:15. 13:00-17:00 (Closed Sat., Sun. and holidays)

Inquiries concerning the import or export of animals and meat product

Animal Quarantine Station, Narita Branch

  • Contact desk for travel of dog & cat: 0476-32-6664(Reception time 9:00-17:00)
  • Terminal 1: 0476-32-6510
  • Terminal 2 : 0476-34-2342
  • Terminal 3 : 0476-34-4260

Bringing in ferrets, hamsters, parakeets, etc. to the country

Narita Airport Quarantine (Animal Importing Administration Office) 0476-32-6708(English and Japanese only)

Bringing Plants, Vegetables, or Fruit with You, and Other Plant Quarantine-Related Matters

Yokohama Plant Protection Station, Narita Branch

  • Terminal 1 : 0476-32-6694
  • Terminals 2 and 3 : 0476-34-2352

Immunization, Infectious Diseases, and Other Health-Related Matters

Narita Airport Quarantine Station : 0476-34-2310

Visa Requirements and Application Process

Please contact the embassy or consulate of the relevant country.

Passport Applications

Please contact your local passport office.

Prohibited Items

Please contact the embassy or consulate of the relevant country.